From Helsinki to St. Petersburg in under 3.5 hours

Helsinki is at its best during the summer time. Why not avoid St Petersburg’s congested airport traffic and high hotel costs by staying in Helsinki! From Helsinki you can travel to St Petersburg visa free by train to experience the most exciting tournaments. Helsinki’s Central Railway Station is located at the heart of Helsinki City Centre, which is full of hotels and restaurants. You get from the Helsinki Airport to the Helsinki’s Central Railway Station easily with the Ring Rail Line trains.

By Train

When traveling to St Petersburg from Helsinki, the Allegro train takes you there in less than 3,5 hours. Allegro train stops in St Petersburg’s Finnish Station (Finljandskii vokzal), which is located 10 km/6,2 miles from the Krestovsky Stadion (Zenit Arena) where the tournaments take place.

By minibus

Mini-buses - are a popular form of transportation in Russia. Widely used for public transportation within cities, they can carry up to 8-12 people. Now they are gaining popularity for intercity travel, particularly from larger cities to nearby provincial towns and villages. Being very cheap many Russians use them!

Privately owned by Russians, these Minibuses leave and arrive from Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Lappeenranta and other cities, but only by prior arrangement. With them you have several schedule options according to their destinations, and they all will come to pick you up at the airport and leave soon after your arrival.

To book your seat you should call one of them earlier to arrange your airport transfer to the city of St Petersburg.

Generally they run frequently, night and day, throughout the week. The trip should cost you no more than 25Euro, and the payment is made only in cash to the driver.

The downside of taking a minivan is that the driver don't speak English, on board the space is limited and the driver wait to fill up the vehicle before leaving, and stop along the way to pick up others. So, don't expect any service apart from having your seat reserved.

On the contrary, the advantage is that they are punctual and a bit quicker than the big buses.


Cheap Flights to St.Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is the place miracles are made. Today, Russia’s second largest city is known for its stunning tsarist architecture, fashionable restaurants, shopping and electric nightlife, all set along the beautiful Neva River. But St. Petersburg is also the site of some of the most pivotal moments in Russia's history, most notably the Siege of Leningrad.

One of the most awesome spectacles you can see once you've stepped off a flight to St. Petersburg are the “white nights” that occur in the city in the summer. Find cheap flights to St. Petersburg in June and July and watch in awe as the city glows from the prolonged twilight. The sun never drops far enough below the horizon to create the usual nighttime darkness, so the city is constantly lit up under the miraculous white light.

Find cheap flights to St.Petersburg
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