Jonas returns home, after dodging killer!

Jonas returns home, after dodging killer!

02/05/2019 16:41
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THE small German boy, who survived last week’s horrific murder of his mother and 10-year-old brother, in Adeje, allegedly, by his father, has returned to his native country.
Jonas, aged six, was chaperoned by a priest, who was given permission by the boy’s German relatives, to accompany him
The priest visited Jonas shortly after the vicious attack took place in a cave, after receiving their authorisation.
He has since been by the youngster’s side, and has kept in constant contact with the relatives since that heart-breaking day.
The bewildered boy, who escaped from the cave just in time, as his mum, Silvia, 39, and brother Jakob, were being stoned to death, has since been looked after by the social services in a care home.
For reasons unknown, no family members have flown to Tenerife from Germany to be with the youngster.
The double murder, allegedly carried out by the brutal hands of his father, 43-year-old Thomas Handrick, inside a La Quinta cave in Ifonche, created a huge commotion in the south of Tenerife, specifically in Adeje.
That is where he had been living for the past three years, even though he was never registered, officially.
But the father, now in a prison hospital, is showing no remorse.
In fact, he did speak from his prison cell after being arrested, but only to ask for medication for an aching leg!
He spent last weekend in the Penitentiary Prison, Tenerife 2, after being ordered “immediate entry there without bail” last Friday, when he appeared before the Magistrate, from the courts against domestic violence.
Since Handrick was jailed, he has been under observation at the prison hospital, along with a trusted inmate, assigned to him because the murder suspect was under close observation for suicide watch.
The inmate, who must accompany him at all times, has been with Hancock since he entered the prison, keeping a close eye on him.
Handrick had told Guardia Civil officers during his interrogation, as well as the court magistrate last Friday, that he was on a special type of anti-depressant medication.
The Guardia returned to his home after his arrest, to retrieve the medication. Officials want to avoid any possible obstacles in the investigation, especially with the accused missing important medication.
Handrick has been accused of attempted murder, as well as murder in the first degree.
Unsurprisingly, the cold-blooded German has no interest in his surviving son, six-year-old Jonas, which has led investigators to believe the crime was premeditated.
Jonas still has no knowledge of the murders. He had been saving sweets for his brother for several days in the care home, where he played with other children, whose language he could not understand.
Initially, he was found among some bushes in La Quinta, a clutch of houses sitting above Adeje town, when he ran away from the horrific attack.
Local resident Rosi Pérez, who discovered him, looking “scared and sunburnt”, thought he had wandered away from the German family while walking in the hills.
In fact, the little boy had just escaped from his father, who, it is believed, had tried to kill his entire family, after tempting them into the cave with a promise of Easter presents.
Somehow, Jonas managed to run away from the cave, where his mother and older brother were being battered to death with stones.
Handrick had lived in his Adeje apartment for just two months, and it is where, judicial sources believe, he made plans about how to kill his wife, and his two children.
He wasn’t planning on leaving any of them alive,” said the sources.


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