Patient Mickey has a new home!

Patient Mickey has a new home!

24/01/2020 15:11
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WE have some great news! Mickey has been adopted after five, long years. There is a lid for every pot – eventually!
Mickey is a stunning-looking animal, and he loves all people. But he’s so big and powerful, and is a breed that suffers massive prejudice.
His kennel was the first one inside the shelter, and he would meet and greet all visitors, with that big tail going like a helicopter. Over the years, he has had to watch his kennel mates come in after him, and leave for their new homes, before him. He was always left behind, nobody wanted him.
That all changed when a family started coming to the dog-walking club, taking him out, regularly. His personality shone through, and they took him home for a trial, where he behaved like a proper gentleman. They couldn’t believe such a great dog could have been passed over for so long.
He was brought back to the shelter, last week, to sign over his paperwork. The poor boy was distressed, because he thought he was being brought back. But no, this was Mickey’s Gotcha Day!
We are over the moon that he has finally got the home he has always deserved. He will never again have to watch, with sadness, others walk out of the gate to their new lives.
The moral of the story: please don’t overlook, and swiftly walk past, the larger, older, less-pretty dogs in a shelter. There could be a diamond in there, just waiting to shine through.
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Join our dog-walking club on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm. Our dogs absolutely love it, and you can keep fit and find a furry friend at the same time.  Please come and meet the dogs. They have a fabulous time with the walkers, and look forward to going out for a wander. Please feel free to pop along, even for a chat. If you have any questions, send a WhatsApp to Mark on 6522 97853, for further details.
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