Street drug-sellers coming under fire

Street drug-sellers coming under fire

31/01/2020 14:21
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MEMBERS of a joint business association in Las Americas and Costa Adeje have alerted the authorities about the number of cannabis clubs surrounding the tourist areas.
The cause of the concern is the aggressive selling tactics of PRs in the middle of the street, in their attempt to spark an interest in marijuana. But for those not interested, it is a huge inconvenience.
The sellers are also operating in bars, restaurants and other businesses in the vicinity.
The AEPACA members say there is a mammoth concern about the PRs, now more than ever, mainly because of the volume of illegal sales being sold in the area. They say it leaves an ugly image, especially in Las Americas.
According to other members, the PRs working in the area also offer to sell marijuana to pedestrians and tourists on the terraces.
Now, thanks to several complaints being made, the National Police are circulating the area regularly, to ensure that the sales are totally legal.
As for the cannabis shops, authorities want to confirm that the legal shops have the correct paperwork, as well as complying with the official regulations.
Some of the legal requirements are that the marijuana must be sold inside the premises, and to people who are associates.
They also state that the premises should be on street level, but can have a sign outside. But the doors must be closed at all times.
The AEPACA members say they have nothing against new, legal businesses opening, as long as they respect the neighbouring businesses.
They also mention the street-sellers, saying they understand that the street-sellers have to make a living, and that they have families to feed. But they insist that there must be a solution.


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