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The Local Government is asking for citizens to collaborate, so that these control measures are effective. The Canary Islands Executive outlined on Wednesday, after an extraordinary session of the Governing Council, its plans to prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus from spreading throughout the Islands, following recommendations laid out by the Spanish Ministry of Health. These control measures may change, depending on how the virus evolves. They have been set out by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, and have been approved by Canary Islands Executive Committee at its meeting. The main public administrations of the Islands participated in this meeting, including the Canary Islands Federation (Fecai) and the Canary Federation of Municipalities (Fecam), among other public entities and bodies, as well as those of the Local Government. The Canary Islands Executive is asking for the collaboration of citizens, so that all these measures are effective. As such, for the next 15 days, visits to see patients admitted to hospitals in the Canaries are restricted, and the public is asked not to go to health centres, unless it is strictly necessary. In addition, the rotation of health professionals from outside the Islands is suspended, as are the stays of health workers, coming in from outside the Islands. In addition, both theoretical and practical classes in health centres are suspended for the next 30 days. Furthermore, activities in clubs or leisure centres for the elderly are also suspended, as well as their visits to social healthcare centres. Also, students coming from outside the Islands, from both mainland Spain and the rest of the world, on Erasmus or similar programmes, are recommended to remain in isolation at home, and monitor any symptoms. They should also avoid contact with elderly persons, and/or people in a delicate state of health, as well as avoiding social or sporting events with a high concentration of people. School trips are suspended, both in non-university and university education, for the next two months. Large sporting, social or cultural events in the next three weeks are also suspended, cancelled, or will be relocated, with each case being reviewed independently. They may take place in cases that do not involve a high concentration of people, but each event must be relayed to the Canary Islands Government and the Canary Health Department, by the respective Town Halls, where it will analysed, in conjunction with the Spanish Ministry of Health. Co-ordination between the Canary Federation of Municipalities (Fecam) and the Canary Islands Federation (Fecai) is essential, so that officials are aware, in advance, of these types of events being staged in the Archipelago.
activities all off as WE GO TO PRINT: Following on from Government directives, various things have been cancelled or suspended from today: – Los Cristianos Carnival is cancelled. – Los Gigantes Carnival is suspended. – All education centres, ie schools, colleges, universities, municipal music shools, in the Canaries are closed for 14 days. – All council run municipal activities are suspended for 14 days including sports events. – Municipal libraries are closed for 15 days. – Teatro Guimera in Santa Cruz has cancelled all shows for 15 days. – The Children Of The 80s opening party on Saturday 14th March at Hard Rock Hotel is cancelled. – The Spring Run on Sunday 15th March is postponed until a later date. – I Love Music festival in Costa Adeje on Friday 10th April is cancelled. – Elrow dance festival on Saturday 11th April at Magma is cancelled.


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Cheap Flights to St.Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is the place miracles are made. Today, Russia’s second largest city is known for its stunning tsarist architecture, fashionable restaurants, shopping and electric nightlife, all set along the beautiful Neva River. But St. Petersburg is also the site of some of the most pivotal moments in Russia's history, most notably the Siege of Leningrad.

One of the most awesome spectacles you can see once you've stepped off a flight to St. Petersburg are the “white nights” that occur in the city in the summer. Find cheap flights to St. Petersburg in June and July and watch in awe as the city glows from the prolonged twilight. The sun never drops far enough below the horizon to create the usual nighttime darkness, so the city is constantly lit up under the miraculous white light.

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