Chinese tourists welcomed in Kobe, Japan

Chinese tourists welcomed in Kobe, Japan

03/06/2011 06:11
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KOBE, Japan, June 1 (Xinhua) — A Chinese steamship Yanjing arrived at Kobe Port, Japan Wednesday morning with 75 Chinese tourists on board and was warmly welcomed by the locals. This is the first large tourist group coming to Japan after the great earthquake in March.
At 8:45 local time, 10,000-ton passenger liner Yanjing, which set sail from Tianjin port several days ago, berthed at Kobe port slowly and was warmly welcomed by local people holding banners in their hands. Chinese tourists walked off the liner in smiles. They were greeted by performances given by the Kobe City Orchestra. Later, a grand welcoming ceremony was held by the Port Administrative Office.
Noriaki Okaguchi, executive of the Port Administrative Office made a speech welcoming Chinese tourists to Kansai, Japan and he expressed the hope that they would convey the vigor of Kansai to more Chinese people to help attract more Chinese tourists. Okaguchi gave the local wine as a present to Yuan Xuetian, the chairman of Tianjin Jinlong International Travel Agency which organized this tour. Local staff also presented flowers and souvenirs to Chinese tourists.
After the great earthquake in March 11, the number of foreign tourists to Japan decreased suddenly due to the following nuclear crisis. Chinese group tours to Japan have also been suspended. This touring group organized by Tianjin Jinlong International Travel Agency has been the largest since China resumed group tour to Japan. Some reporters from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shanxi also came along.
This touring group will conduct a five-day trip to Kansai, visiting ancient capital city Nara, Kyoto and modern city Osaka. After the welcoming ceremony, the touring group will head for Nara for sightseeing.



There are few countries in the world with a culture as distinct as China. A country of contrasts, China offers thriving Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, but also extremely rural and underdeveloped areas in the western part of the country.

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