Europe’s First Ferris Wheel Over Sea Opened on The Pier in Scheveningen

Europe’s First Ferris Wheel Over Sea Opened on The Pier in Scheveningen

24/08/2016 20:15
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The Hague gains a tourist attraction: Europe"s first Ferris wheel constructed over sea.

While the project is marketed as Europe’s first, it is actually just the first of its kind in mainland Europe. Each gondola has luxury seating with accommodation for up to six guests. Compartments all have air conditioning for the comfort of customers, while one of the gondolas has a glass bottom.  According to a news release, the wheel affords incredible panoramic views of the waterfront and the skyline of the city. Ferris Wheels have become part and parcel of several cities around the world, including Chicago.


The ride normally lasts for around 20 minutes, with adults paying €9 and children under 12 pay €7. Dining facilities including dinner and high tea will soon be part of the expanding service offered. Perry Oerlemans, the owner of Skyview Attractions, said his company is proud that the wheel is finally turning.


He believes that the new construction will definitely change the Scheveningen skyline while adding to the resort’s attractions. Last summer, the renovated pier reopened for public use. Since then, it has gained a reputation as a mecca for foodies with several high-quality streetfood and restaurant outlets. The pier also boasts a range of bars, terraces and retail outlets.

The pier has also sprouted markets, kids’ afternoons, cultural events, education and musical activities right throughout the year. It opens daily every day from 10am with free admission.



The Netherlands, or Holland, as most people refer to it is located in Northwestern Europe bordered by Belgium to the south, Germany to the east and the North Sea to the west and north. The people, the language, and anything that is related to the Netherlands have also been referred to as the Dutch.

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