Christmas dangers

Christmas dangers

01/12/2017 14:53
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WITH Christmas just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how the festive period affects our beloved cats. We’re all familiar with the dog campaign that tells us that “A dog’s for life, not just for Christmas”, and the same applies to cats, of course.
One of the most poisonous plants for a cat is the Poinsettia. If you do acquire one, you’ll need to put it well out of reach of kitty, as any nibbling could be fatal for them. Holly, ivy, mistletoe and yew are also poisonous, and any ingested fibre or sap from these plants could prove fatal.
Real Christmas trees are mildly toxic to cats, although the sharp ends of the needles normally stop them trying to eat them. Once your tree is decorated with lights and baubles, it’ll present a huge temptation as a plaything.
Many cats will try to climb (pulling it over in their attempts), or view the shiny decorations as toys, and may pull them off to chase around the room. Christmas-tree lights can also present a hazard, as your cat will probably get an electric shock if it chews through the thin wire.
Try to keep your cats to their normal diet over Christmas. No doubt they’ll appreciate a little bit of turkey, which will be absolutely fine for them, but don’t try tempting them with pâté, prawn cocktail, or sausages wrapped in bacon, as any sudden change to a cat’s diet can result in an upset stomach.
Keep your kitchen door firmly closed if you’ve left out the remains of the turkey, or anything else your cat fancies snacking on. Even if he doesn’t normally jump on work surfaces, he may become very determined to sample the delicious food.
Meet Bagpuss!
This beautiful boy was left behind when his owners moved, and is looking for a new home. He is 3-4 years old, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and leukaemia negative.Weighing an impressive eight kilos, Bagpuss has a lovely, playful temperament, and would make a fabulous pet for someone!
Every cat goes on a week’s trial, in your home, so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. All cats awaiting adoption can be seen on our website at Ring or Whatsapp Sharon on 662 52 40 06 (seven days a week 9-6pm), or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm, on 6712 82773. Message us on Facebook, or contact us on our website
Foster carers needed
We do not have a refuge, so we urgently need people who are willing to foster kittens who are too young to be adopted, but need a safe place to stay until they are old enough to go to a forever home.
Also, cats recovering from surgery, illness or injury need somewhere to recuperate.
We provide all the essentials for your foster cat: litter, food, litter tray, beds etc, and all veterinary bills are covered. We advertise and find them homes, so you do not need to do this. Please contact us if you feel you can help.
Our shop
We always need cat food, litter, old newspapers, sheets, towels, bedding etc for the cats and kittens in our care, and also good quality/condition items for sale in our shop.
Items in good condition can be dropped into the shop on San Blas, Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week, 10-6pm, Saturdays 10-4pm.
If you don’t have transport, or have large, bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate, please ring Mark on 636590557, and he will arrange collection from you.


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