Price of fuel to hit drivers hard again

Price of fuel to hit drivers hard again

09/02/2018 14:40
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DRIVERS across the archipelago will suffer a third consecutive fuel rise from next week, and it doesn’t stop there because increases will continue to rise throughout the year,
With the price escalation, they could be paying just over a euro for a litre of petrol in most service stations across the archipelago by 2019.
The current price rises over next few weeks are not expected to be sky-high, but experts warn that the increases will continue throughout 2018.
And by the end of the year, drivers in the Canary Islands are expected to pay around 11 cents per litre extra for petrol and 10 cents more for diesel.
The inevitable increases means that it will probably cost around seven euros more than in 2017 to fill up the tank by Christmas.


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