Ugh…who’s for a second cuppa?

Ugh…who’s for a second cuppa?

01/06/2018 13:47
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THEY must be the most obnoxious creatures ever, carrying all sorts of germs as they scurry around from the sewers they inhabit.
Yet, believe it or not, some people are actually drinking cockroach milk as a dairy alternative now, and it is said that the product is more nutritional.
The milk is derived from “cockroach crystals”, a part of the insect found in its gut. And, according to scientists, these crystals “are like a complete food”, rich in essential amino acids and protein.
A researcher in India, at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, claims the nutritional value of the cockroach product is much higher than other milks.
What’s more, apparently, it tastes no different from cow’s milk. Sourced from Australian Pacific cockroaches, it is said to contain dietary sequences with all the essential amino acids, proteins, fats and sugars, and three times the energy of regular dairy milk.
Some cockroaches lay eggs, but the Diploptera Punctata species gives birth to young and feeds them with milk.
It is the only species of roach that gives birth to living
offspring, as opposed to laying eggs, and produces milk to feed its young.
South African company Gourmet Grubb is already farming cockroaches… and producing milk from the bugs! The product is called “Entomilk” and it is created from
sustainably-farmed cockroaches.
“One of the most pivotal benefits of Entomilk is that it has a high protein content, and is rich in mineral, such as iron, zinc, and calcium,” says the brand.
But it’s hard work. Being insects, it takes as many as 1,000 cockroaches to make just 100gms of milk, says science website Inverse.
And it’s not just a case of attaching a machine to udders and massaging the teats. The University of Iowa’s Dr Barbara Stay maintains: “The only way to milk a cockroach would be to make cultures of yeast, with the genes in it for making this milk.”
It won’t surprise you to learn that Gwyneth Paltrow’s
lifestyle website, Goop, already lists cockroach milk as an option. “As might be expected, the process of ‘milking’ a cockroach is precise and laborious,” it says.


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