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The resort is located Lazarevskoe on the Black Sea about seventy miles. Sochi. Lazarevskoe ideal place for adventure tourism and recreation in the family. Holidays in the Lazarev relatively inexpensive. Dzhiping and various excursions, swimming in the sea and other forms of recreation – all these can be found on the Black Sea resort Lazarevskoe. Lazarevskoe rest can vary and some kind of cultural program, the benefit of the village Lazarevskoe a home of culture, where all the stars always come to our platform.

In the Lazarev all the conditions for a pleasant and comfortable stay. In the village of Lazarevskoye at your service: movie theaters, water rides, two water parks, amusement park, an incredible number of bars and restaurants. Various attractions and parks Lazarian open to you and your children almost around the clock. A parachute or hang glider flying over the sea is not? In the Lazarev you can try these types of extreme tourism. In the village of Lazarevskoye represented a fairly wide range of private hotels, designed to fit every budget.

But even a low-relaxation, guarantees the excellent quality of service in hotels. The level of service in all the hotels and inns Lazarevskaya quite high. Rest in a small private hotel will cost vamznachitelno cheaper and more comfortable. Without hesitation Kay Merrill explained all about the problem. As a small private hotels rather high level service and as a rule, private houses or mini hotels, where people live outside the holiday season itself, there can be ordered and full meals. The private sector in the resort Lazarevskoe has its advantages. C ten years ago, travelers offering built around a similar house. Today it is totally fine. Owners of private homes, value their reputation and do not spare the money to improve living conditions holidaymakers. Generalizations should be noted hotel `Cornflower`, not far from the administration Lazarian area. The friendly owners are always happy to welcome guests, offer a comfortable stay at the Black Sea in paradise called Lazarevskoe. Enjoy mekskursionnye routes around the Black Sea coast – Krasnaya Polyana, Lagonaki, Thagapsh, sightseeing tours in Sochi and Goa, dolmens and waterfalls, dzhiping, trip to trout farm with tasting of local drinks and freshly caught trout … Sochi is a unique and Lazarevskoe resorts due to its geographical location. The key to a good rest on the coast is favorable climatic and spa atmosphere. When choosing a place of rest in the resorts of Krasnodar territory is worth to note that Lazarevskoe and Sochi – are the only resorts in Russia, which are located in the subtropical climatic zone. People have visited at least once in Goa, always come right place, even pampered foreign resorts holidaymakers – many of them having been there, prefer Lazarev.

The history of resort settlement Lazarevskoe origination is symbolic. Like in other places of the coast, it is connected with landing of Russian troops landed in the mouth of the Psezuapse river. After the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829 this nook of the Black sea coast passed to Russia. Russians began to build military fortifications. Adygeis, who dwelled on the coast, resisted, the situation turned into bloodshed. The Black sea fleet was headed at that time by admiral Michael Petrovitch Lazarev – a participant of two world tours, a discoverer of Antarctica, a hero of Navarinsk battle. Being in Tuapse, admiral Lazarev put several truce envoys ashore. They managed to come to an agreement. On the 6th of July of 1839 in the mouth of the Psezuapse river Russian soldiers went ashore and for the first time they were met without arms fire. Hence a new fortification acquired admiral Lazarevsky’s name.

The settlement acquired the second name due to the river, flowing there. The Psezuapse, flowing here into the sea, is called also by mountain-dwellers as Psishio, i.e. Kind river. And really this place is kind: here there is always much sun, warmth and light.

Climate and geographical location

Lazorev area stretches along the coast for 105 km from Magri to Dagomis. Average annual here is +13.3 C. The beach is pebbly and wide – 40 m. At the clear weather tops of the Main Caucasian ridge, stretching here from the Semiglavaya mountain (1424 m) to the Grachev Venets mountain, are seen in horizon, and though they are not very high the snow can be observed sometimes till the end of May.


Some of sights of Lazarevskoe settlement remind of different periods of people’s life on the Black sea coast of Caucasus. Visiting it one may make a small trip in the past. Ancient people, dwelling in Caucasus, often buried their rich compatriots in the dolmens, original stone cultural constructions. It is probably a region the richest in dolmens.

Word “dolmen” is of Breton origin. It consists of two roots: “daol” – “table” and “men” – “stone”. Adygeis-Shapsougs in our days, as well as in ancient times, called dolmens word “Spiune”, which translates as “house of dwarf”. In the legends they say that in the local mountains dwarfs-isps dwelled. They were wise and sly; knew kinds of grasses, metals, various miraculous sciences; exploited hares, chopped fern for firewood and didn’t know death.

Obscure deep gorges were inhabited by the other nation – giants-inizhis. They possessed wondrous power, pulled up oaks by the roots, threw rocks at one another like with stones, but were sill and primitive.

Nobody knows how it happened that isps made menacing inizhis work for them “a little”. One of old men say: by ruse. Little men moved the giants to pity who themselves offered help to little men. Other people say: with the help of magic, herbs and various whistles. It is difficult to say what happened then. May be climate changed, may be a pestilence began, in short, disappeared isps together with inizhis. Only old Adygeis in the mountain auls say that isps has existed till now, only went far in the ground. Sometimes in clear, moony night they went out to their stone bricks and dance – spin in moonlight, remembering their youth age. Not everybody can see them.

The evidence of coming of Russian settlers in this area is a monument to poet-Decembrist Alexander Odoevsky, set in the park of Decembrists. An active participant of the rebellion in Senatskaya square, Alexander Odoevsky, was exiled in Siberia.

And in May of 1994, when 130-anniversary of the Caucasian war finishing was being celebrated, on the central square of the settlement a memorable stone “Sign of reconciliation” was set. Thus memory about mountain-dwellers and Russians, killed in Caucasus in XIX century. This stone in Lazarevskoe became a symbol of national reconciliation of all peoples. Not by chance it was laid by Adygei youths, descendants of young Shamil’s troops, and young Cossacks of the Black sea district of All-Kuban Cossack army.

Walking on, let’s visit a small but rather pithy local museum. In the museum you can learn about natives Adygeis-Shapsugs. Rare photos, models of national clothes, weapons, articles of everyday life are represented in the exposition.

Address: Pobeda street, 97. Works from 10.00 till 17.00, in summer – till 19.00. Days off – Sunday, Monday.

Not far from the museum there are remains of the former coastal fortification of Lazarevsk fort And near the regional hospital there are remains of ramparts and bastions, and even small cannon “Unicorn” having been kept here since the time of fort foundation.

Mamedovo gorge

Let’s have a one day walk on the mountains. First of all we will make for Mamedovo gorge. There is a story connected with the name of the gorge. “Saving his congener from the death, old man Mamed led Byzantine conquerors into the deaf place, but he refused to lead them out to the sea despite awful tortures”. Mamedovo grove, or Mamedka, as inhabitants call it, is one of the most beautiful places in the neighbouring vicinities of Lazarevskoe. A regular-route bus, which in 5-10 minutes will bring you into the fabulous nook, goes in Mamedka.

River Kuapse

So, going a little by highway along the right bank of the river Kuapse, we cross the bridge and go on along the left bank. Numerous wild boars, which local mountain-dwellers hunted, dwelled formerly in the vicinities of this mountain river. Fabulous beauty of the vicinities delights the eye. It is cool in the forest, limes, chestnut, huge beeches grow.

And here it is the first meeting with a fairy-tale: from the left on the roadside you will be waiting of by…Baba-Yaga, or, more precisely, her Adygei sister – Naguchitca, but to tell the truth, cut of wood. But it looks quite natural. Image of Naguchitca in Adygei folklore is quite spread and wonderfully resembles the image of Baba-Yaga from Russian fairy-tales. There is a local legend that if come up to the statue at midnight and whisper in her ear the fondest wish, it will certainly come true.

Having rest at Baba-Yaga, we go on our way. We go up along the river to Orehova glade, which is situated on the right bank. It represents remains of old Adygei gardens. Ancient barrows of oval form, laid round by mossy flat boulders, make a spectacle of itself. These are medieval burial places of mountain-dwellers. Main beauties of the grove begin from Orehova glade. The field of the Kuapse river abruptly converges, forming a canyon. In summer while low level of water it is quite passable. Colorful rocks of Cretaceous period, twined round with ivy, sometimes uniting above at a height of 3 meters, form arched passageway. Here you find yourself like in the fabulous world. Thick limestones needles hang down from the ceiling. Walls are covered with intricate singer formations. And out the nature rages, birds sing. Huge oaks, chestnut towers above the precipices like guard, brooks purl.

Wonderful contrast waits for us in front. On coming out of the gloomy canyon, a bright, light, white hall greets. It is a very beautiful place, formed by water among limestone rocks. Small confluent of the Kuapse river falls down as a crystal-clear waterfall.

Mamed’s bath

On this brook there are other several cascades, several small waterfalls, a pot-hole of one of them is called “Mamed’s bath”. In this place we should look at all these natural beauties and turn back. We may go on our way only with mountaineering outfit. We may go not on the bottom of the grove but in the forest. On the right bank of the Kuapse river there is another convenient path. In an hour we find ourselves again on the Black sea highway.

Svirskoe danga is placed on the village`s outskirt of Lazarevskoe, upper to stream Svirsky. It is a picturesque valley with opening panorama of rocks and mountains formations, numerous waterfalls and water cups. There are no excursions for this place, but you can use a bus # 66, 75, 76 in oder to come to the danga.

Entertainment in Lazarevskoe

Lazarevskoe is a not large village, the place of calm rest.

Centre of National Cultures. Its fame overstepped long ago the borders of Krasnodarsky region. More then two thousands peoples of this region Adygei auls, greek, armenian and russian villages

take part in the creative national collectives, regularly give concerts. Rare holiday is carried our without any competitions.

Having rest in Lezarevskoe, you should visit one of such concerts. Native traditions, keeping in songs and dances, original folk performances, high professional art of different actors and artists don`t make you the indifferent.

A great number of variety artists come to Lazarevskoe in Summer. They give concerts at the Centre of National Cultures from May to September every day.

At the centre of Lazarevskoe village there is a cinema «Sunrise». All films are shown there after premiers in capital cinemas. In June during «Kinotavr festival» there are carried out the creative meetings with actors and viewing its films.

In warm seasons guests are met by Lazarevsky park of culture and rest. Shady alleys, park amusements, summer theatre, open – air disco are pleased to people.

Aquapark «Sea star» - is a place for children and adults. There are many swim slides, pools and artificial waterfalls, and even cafe, where one can have a snack.

Entertainment complex «Panorama» is a favourite place for young men after 22 p.m. Disco is placed in front of entrance of the Center of National Cultures. There are no big dwelling houses, that`s why dancing continues the whale night. Here there is a face control.

Club «Cocktail – Bar» - is cool place on the whole Black sea coast of Russia. Popular music, professional barmen, DJs, a big choice of exotic cocktails, young men from all country – all of that you can find on a beach in 3 metres of the sea.

Since 2005 year in Lazarevskoe one can visit a dolphinarium, where children get pleasure watching clever and kind dolphins.

Cafes and restaurants

There are many dinning rooms, restaurants and cafes in Lazeravskoe. Meat meals, soups and salads will be offered to guests. One of the cafe has a traditional Russian meals. Cooks found a lot of old receipts from different cities of Russia. At this cafe are represented numerous dishes of Russian culture – noddle soup, handmade Ural meat dumplings, and speciality - Novgorod roast.

In one of the restaurants is prevailed a sea exotic. There are crabs, shrimps, mussels, snails, octopuses, fishes in the menu of the restaurant.

House renting in Lazarevskoe

In Lazarevskoe you won`t long time look for renting. There are pensions, where there are all kinds of service for you: dinning room, cafe, conference hall, club, children rooms, well- planned beach, disco and sport areas, library, Russian baths and sauna, billiard, and three meals a day. The last one is included at the price of renting.

One can reserve a place in hotel and also rent a house or a room in private sector of house. Houses and rooms, which are rented may be with all and partial conveniences. In any case you won`t be with any houses.



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