Lviv - Ukraine cities
Lviv is one of Ukraine’s major cities. Everyday living is cheap here, and there are lots of great places to visit. Tourists could ride mini buses, trams, and taxicabs to go around the city. They could visit churches such as the Boim’s Chapel, which is made up of black stones. They could also visit the popular Lychakivskiy Cemetery wherein Ukrainian heroes are buried. A lot of museums such as the Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture could be seen, as well. And whenever tourists want to experience an exceptional sauna, they could go to Bania; wherein activities are done naked.

Of course, food is another reason why tourists visit places. Here in Lviv, it is fairly easy to find a place where affordable but delicious foods are served. The Olga Café and the Rodzinka, for instance, serve really cheap yet very good meals. And the Puzata Hata is the place to try out traditional Ukrainian dishes. Then, Kupol and Gutsulsky Dvir may be visited for more sophisticated dining. But if five-star dining experiences is what tourists want, they could dine at the Wiener Kaffeehaus or at Amadeus. However, vegetarian dishes are hardly served here. Fortunately for vegetarians, Under Clepsydra offers just what they want. Fresh salads, as well as, mushroom and potato crepes would definitely delight them.

There are a lot of places to visit in the evenings in Lviv. In fact, clubs and pubs are really abundant here. Pozitiff is the trendiest lounge in this city, yet only attractive people are allowed to get in. So, it is necessary to be in the company of gorgeous individuals if one wants to enter this lounge. Club Metro is another popular disco where cool people party. But Robert Doms Beer House is a must-try. This pub is highly recommended to every tourist in town. It serves great beer and good food. Another bar that tourists should visit is the Kryivka. To get inside it, the password “Slava Ukraine” must be uttered. This place is fairly hard to find too, because it is underground. But once inside it, amazing décors and delicious foods, as well as, good theatrical performances are definitely worth the effort of finding it.

And after a fun and exhausting night, a cozy hotel is just what any tourist needs. The Old Ukrainian Home Hostel, for example, is found in Lviv’s center. It is affordable and clean. Its staff could also speak English. And it offers free breakfast, Wi-Fi, maps, and other amenities.



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